Monday, February 09, 2009



Every single thing in the entire universe, big or small, takes place and will happen only and exactly as Allah has planned. That is PRE-ORDAINMENT, written in the Loh Mahfuz. An event takes place and that event acts as a catalyst, a cause for a whole series of other events to occur.This chain of events has been taking place before the Big Bang and will continue towards infinity.

An atom vibrates and triggers the vibration of other atoms and molecules and every event in the cosmos follows. We, each and every single soul of us, whom God has created to ever experienced this thing called LIFE, is a part of that marvelous grand design of His. What each human being has experienced, what each one of us will face in future, HAS, IN FACT, HAPPENED AND WILL TAKE PLACE EXACTLY ACCORDING HIS PLAN.

And what each and everyone of us should question is 'WHAT HAS GOD PUT AHEAD OF ME', 'what is my fate going to be', and most importantly 'WHEN IS THE LAST DAY OF MY LIFE HERE', 'WHAT is it that I need to do to make that day a day of peace, a day that I can actually say "thank you, Allah for making my experience here a blessed one, a day of complete happiness knowing that I am finally my meeting my Creator"..'

For a blessed person is a person who struggles to attain and embrace the beautiful attributes of human nature such as "enduring patience, gratefulness and persistent obedience to God" Those are Gods most beautiful gifts to mankind, but as we know, beautiful things are always too expensive to get and to most people, simply out of reach.

Fortunately the price of such beautiful gifts has NEVER been money. And the kind of people to whom these attributes are easier to attain are those whom have been tested with hardships, grief, illness, handicaps, etc.

What then does a person, on whom God has blessed with worldly bounty and excesses, need to do to get those gifts above? How many in that category can ever be willing and ready to do what it takes to buy God's mercy? How many rich, wealthy people can successfully tell themselves, that, what they have in their possession were never their own to spend and squander at their fancy? How many are smart enough to know the only right way to dispose of their riches and bounty that God has entrusted them with?

Since most of the better off among us are always the ones who have attained academic achievements, let's just leave the simple question for them to ponder, and contemplate...

May God guide us all...

~ Sarawak.
February 9, 2009

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