Wednesday, April 01, 2009


By: Diane the Hermit

When we look at the world around us, often we are faced with many things that do not make sense. The wars, the oppression, the exploitation, the manipulation of the human race never cease to boggle our mind. And so we ponder and we contemplate.. hoping to find some simple answers or explanation to the strange way our world operates. Someone said this about our existence and our world around us "The universe is not only stranger than you imagine, it is stranger than you CAN'T imagine"..Well, let us ponder some more.

We all know that our Creator created this world so that we human might see and appreciate its sheer beauty and splendor. And perchance we will glorify and appreciate HIM. However the more we look and learn, the more sad, frustrated and disgusted we feel. Can this world ever be without all of the bad and evil elements? Can there be another way to live this life; a better way? Where did we go wrong.. and is there a chance to get out of it all.. and how?

Isn't it strange that our forefathers, who worked hard to gain the "supposed" independence of this country, seemed to be happy to simply adopt all of the systems put there by our "trustworthy and good" colonist. Was it never obvious back then, that the legacy that the British left behind for us was somewhat suspicious, that there was more to it than met the eye?

We were once a part of the formidable British empire, their business venture like so many other countries were. Now we are no longer that, and neither are the others that the British used to colonized. We celebrated our historic moment beginning on the day of 31st August 1957, merrily thinking and believing that we are at last free and liberated. But are we?

The British no longer control us, what we have in this country belong to us and us only, right? What ever we earn goes back into our economic system, right? If you think the answers were right, you ought to feel sad, for you are deep in ignorance.

The whole world has never cease to serve its true MASTERS. The true rulers of this planet have always kept their power in their hands. They do not care about us, our family, or our destiny with our Creator. All they care about is what they have always cared about, and that is controlling the whole world. And their power is truly about money, and the enslavement of the entire human population. Simply put, it is an ORGANIZED CRIME, one that is so awful, we cannot even begin to imagine or fathom.

We maintain their corrupt systems, through our monetary, political, educational, economic institutions (even religious systems to a certain extent). It is becoming more and more obvious now what that system bring about in our world; wars, violence, good people dying, children starving and all the other troubles we are in. Many people around the world are waking up to the reality, but we never confronted THE REAL TRUTH.

We still take things for granted. For most of us who are still completely blind and ignorant, it is time to know the truth, to seek the truth. The more we educate ourselves, the more we understand where things come from and the more obvious things become. We will then begin to see LIES everywhere. Perhaps the knowledge may guide us to see where things are going, our future. Perhaps, as the adage goes, the truth will set us free.

Someone quoted "Always trust a person looking for the truth; do not ever trust one who smelt it"

Better still trust only Allah s.a.w. Our entire hope lies only with Him. Be very near to Him always because only with Him will we be protected from getting ourselves attached to the evil, and hopefully we will not become the fuel to keep hell burning..

Seek His nur, purify ourselves, embrace and honor the spiritual beings that we are, for we often forget the fact that we are in fact, SPIRITUAL beings having a human experience here, and we know we are not going to stay here very long. Let us prepare for our final journey, an ascension towards a wonderful reality..a beautiful amazing place, that is our real home and origin....May Allah keep us away from the place that is the opposite of it...May Allah be with us always; guiding, protecting, blessing us all always. Amin.



Anonymous said...


Saya mengikuti blog ini dan mendapatinya menarik. Akhir-akhir ni Tok siarkan artikel2 ditulis oleh Diane the Hermit, bagus tulisan-tulisannya Tok. Siapa dia ni? Saya terpikat dengan tulisannya. Sungguh...

Anonymous said...

Diane ni orang Melayukah atau mat salleh. Sound macam mat salleh je.

Anonymous said...

Diane ni orang Malaysia..anak-anak komen Bahasa Melayu mak mereka ni 'cute' sangat..jadi seganlah pulak nak menulis dlm BM. Saya ni orang lamalah katakan yang belajar di sekolah penjajah masa dahulu..saya tidak pernah merasa 'bahasa penjajah' kita itu superior dari bahasa2 lain. Cuma kalau hendak mendapat ilmu, terpaksa juga kita menguasainya. Selain itu saya ini tiada keistimewaan apa-apapun, kalau adapun mungkin pd eccentricity saya sahja :-))