Wednesday, May 07, 2008


What have I really found in Islam? What is the most important thing for me? What Muslims from the Muslim world come with a sense of ‘tawakkal’, a sense of trust in God. People from the West, people who have been brought up with attitudes other than that do not necessarily have that immediately. Muslims who are born Muslims are generous. They have it as a reflect reaction. But we do not have the same virtue so we want to be like Muslims. And this is something really very special.

After all this years as a Muslim, I really feel, I really know, that whatever happens is for the best. I do not worry anymore. I used to worry. For example, if some problems came with our house or anything like this, I used to be worried about it. Now I know. Do not worry about it because, astaghfirullah (Allah be forgiving), when you look back later you always realise it was for the best. So if you cannot understand what Allah is doing when a trial comes, at least go into neutral and wait and see. Everything is for the best. Even for the terrible things, at the end we can always see what they are for. All these difficulties in our lives are to give us a chance to see ourselves, to gain patience, to gain generosity, to gain attachment, to gain sensitiveness. All these things are there for our use to become pure at heart.

If you are a bird in outer space, flapping and exhausted and becoming tired from the effort, all you have to do is to fold your wings and you will not fall. Just trust Him and learn to trust Him. This is the greatest thing I found in Islam; that I no longer have to worry and I know everything is all right.
- Aisha Gouverneur

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