Monday, March 16, 2009




By: Diane the Hermit

I find it very interesting that whenever we engage young children
in a conversation about Death or Doomsday, they will react with
unease and discomfort, as if we have just ruined their day. If we
try that with our peers, most of them will try to avoid going into
the detail, as though avoiding the topic will prevent death from
befalling them.

Why do we find it hard to bring ourselves to constantly think about
Death? Why shouldn't Death be accorded the attention it rightly
deserves? It is not like we have a choice;like- when we are asked
to go out running on the streets, naked; because that action will
make us uncomfortable,to say the least, we will surely choose not to
do it. With Death we have absolutely no choice..

If Death is something that is inevitable, that is sure to come to
take us away into a world much more important than this one,
it is only logical that we give It a lot of attention and its due

Why is it that the whole world gets angry when innocent children
of Gaza got murdered the way it happened? We get angry because we
are stuck in the rut- attributing this temporary life as being
everything to us, believing this trivial life more important than
the next one. Are we forgetting the fact that those lives that
perished in the hands of the evil in Gaza are the souls that are
going to ADORN HEAVEN with beauty and perfection? Blessed are the
mothers of those children that God has chosen to die such death.

Life is in many ways ironic, a never ending paradox. Reality is
an illusion, The Unseen is a reality that is haqiqi.. True Blessings
always come in the form of trials; only the people who have been
tested with profound hardship, serious illnesses, the loss of loved
ones, mishaps and handicaps, loss of wealth.. probably have a
better chance at acquiring God's true blessings, and thus are able
to appreciate and understand the reason why we are here.

Bounty and excesses are, in fact, a greater trial. Wealth and
physical appeal/appearance often lead us away from God. Most of
us in this category never learn the right way to lead our life,
often lost in an endless preoccupation of piling up our wealth or
obsessed and lost in our pursuit of life fleeting mundane pleasures.

When we are given a task at our job, to carry out a presentation,
for instance, we normally get ourselves prepared, so that our
work will make a good impression on everyone. If that presentation
means a great deal to our boss, it is vital that we make it flaw-
less and perfect, and so we practice, and practice hoping to
deliver our best..

And what if our boss is GOD HIMSELF and our task is preparing
for our DEATH, shouldn't we be doing the same, and a whole lot
more? Shouldn't we be PRACTICING Death as well, practicing as hard
we might? How do we practice Death..if only we know the perfect

Now you see, for most of us Death is very much a strange thing
that not only our young children are unable to acknowledge, but we
adults, too.

What if someone were to tell us that our life here is really
going to end soon. That our earth is entering its final phase
of its current cycle. That scientists predicted a Galactic
Alignment- of our planet along with the sun and the blackhole in
the middle of our galaxy.. that a planet named Nibiru is approaching
our earth.. to cause a great event called the Pole Shift, and a
number of unimaginable destruction to take place. To compliment
that, a few perished civilizations of the past have a record of
such event to occur; notably the Mayans, the Sumerians, the Chinese
(I-Ching), possibly the Pharoahs as well. (Read and find out for your-
self) Only Allah has the real knowledge of such event.

Weather such an event will in fact happen as predicted, or not,
wouldn't it be wise to prepare ourselves? Wouldn't it be important
that we know what it takes in order that our faces on that day will
be bright/white, and not otherwise?

As always I wish myself and everyone all the luck in our struggle;
purifying our souls. Lets be VERY-DEATH FRIENDLY from now onwards,
and may God accept all of us into a new place, a place that is hope-
fully US-FRIENDLY. Let us also start to love ourselves more and
never to be ZALIM to ourselves (for it is a fact that we are often
cruel to ourselves without realizing it) May Allah bestow upon us his
mercy, and in whatever time that we have left for us here in this
life, Allah will open our eyes, our heart and that we be shown the
truth, the right path towards a perfect and beautiful FUTURE, our
future that only begins WITH DEATH..

Love and peace.


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