Friday, March 13, 2009


Hearts of people are like wild beasts.
They attach themselves to those who love and train them.

~ Saidina Ali

By: Diane the Hermit


Life and the world is the way it is because of our own fault and ignorance, mostly anyway. A great majority of us live this life mainly for the purpose of achieving material gain and thus for the recognition that follows from that; gaining respect and honor from our fellow human beings. We attribute that as the ultimate success in this life. There is nothing wrong with that, of course.

What makes it wrong, however, is what goes along with it. In our endless struggle to attain that worldly success, we, sadly, have lost our own beautiful soul..And I mean it when I said BEAUTIFUL (when Allah first gave us our soul- when we were in our mother's womb, that soul must have been beautiful and pure), for that is the only thing that matters to Allah, the only part of us that will give us meaning in our NEXT EXISTENCE..our eternal, timeless life, following this fleeting one.. (if you are among those that think this present life is, in fact ugly, again, you are not the only one either..)

Within our own self, we feed, we breed and we support an army of (our very own) ENEMIES. In some of us, those enemies are so fat, so thick, so overwhelming that we are powerless to fight them! For most of us, we don't even recognize them as the enemy for (we have let) those enemies have taught us to feel good, to feel the highest of highs when we worship and bow to them. We all know how good it feels- when we are 'above' our peers when it comes to- the size of our savings in the banks, the size of our house(s), the price of the car(s) we drive(or those we keep in our garage for exhibit). And as for the female gender, the things they love to collect for exhibit are beyond comprehension sometimes..(yep makcik2, kakak2 - their makeup, gold and diamonds, glittering this and that)

Now you might have guessed what our so called enemies might be. They come in several forms...first and foremost being 'NAFS' or our unquenchable desire for things worldly, followed by a thing called GREED and then 'RIAK', that feeling of excessive pride and the need to be 'seen'.. And then there is that thing called arrogance.. all of which are there to compel us towards KESESATAN.

And now we are faced with this one question- how did we get to become the way we are? Lost in a world full of illusions.. blind to the one reality that is HAKIKI.

We may put all our blame on everything else but our own selves.. thus prompting us to look for answers elsewhere other than within our own selves, when we feel lost. What for instance, may we ask, was the reason why we choose to borrow money from the bank to purchase a house, a car, or to purchase on credit many things most of which are not even necessary..
And yes, the reason is because we LET OUR ENEMIES WITHIN win! We bow to our nafs, desire. And haven't we all 'been there'?

If you wonder why there exist monetary institutions in the is because the founders saw in us human beings; our greatest weaknesses; Greed and Stupidity.. And yet, when we are faced with the trouble of paying back our loans, we get angry with the banks as if the banks will ever feel our pain, hear our cries, understand our struggles.. No, we know better than that; banks were founded by a force so vile, is foolish to expect otherwise.

Now some of us are beginning to see the truth, the reality of our life in terms of our reliance on the banking institutions. How an unseen, unknown evil force has had its grip around our necks, suffocating us, causing much misery to so many of us..which if we are honest, are all the product of our own greed and desire in the first place!

So what now, right? Can we make our life better, and seriously HOW?
It is easy to expect our leaders to correct what is glaringly, obviously wrong, evil, unjust and bad in our country.. but is it practical? If changes were to take place at all, it would need a long time to change even merely the foundation of those very things we deem evil.. Change of banking systems? Let us dream and never forget to pray hard for that to change, for only Allah has the power to allow that to happen.

Unless of course all of us dare act, on consensus, to bring them down.
And I am smiling to myself picturing this scene in my mind.. 'all of the people who have taken loans from banks to purchase a car, for instance, give the banks back their cars, regardless of the loss these people themselves might incur in doing so..' Imagine if we simply do away with the banking institutions.. and if that act were to be carried out by everyone on the planet.. (I am on the verge of getting myself in a great trouble here, ain't I?) If we all work together, there might be a way that the power of the people be restored into their own hands, the way that it should be..and that 'slavery' be put to an end.

How very few of us actually recognize the 'faces' of all of our true enemies, be those within our selves or those that are in our nation.. namely banking institutions,corporations, privatization, globalization.. Yes, your enemies; all those!!

First and foremost, though, it is our own selves that need to be purified, revolutionized, enlightened and educated in order that we might win in a bigger fight (other than the one which is with our own selves). Yes I mean we are our own enemy that we need to fight first, before all else..

Remember to only use the guidance of Allah and His alone, in this fight. If we follow Him, appoint him as our commander in chief.. we can assure ourselves that we are in fact, on the RIGHT side.. no matter what obstacles might come in our way. And seek always the TRUTH.. for the truth will liberate us.

For me though, due to the fact that NOTHING in politics ever appeals to me, I feel I am already winning half the fight (hopefully, I am right), struggling with all my might to fight evil that exists only within myself, not giving a damn about all else.. be it political or social or economical..

After all, this very planet that has accommodated us greedy beings, is said to be in a state of naza', with all the destruction we have forced down on her, made her swallow, choked her with.. we, in fact, could be the generations to witness her ultimate 'death' before Allah put a better 'people' as the new khalifahs on a would-be-new pure, fresh, rejuvenated and pristine-again earth. Scientifically, they called it the POLE SHIFT, you know a thing that will cause the sun to shine in the west, Mecca to be fertile and green... Some even put a date to that day.. find out the truth, for once again the truth will guide and set us free. Only Allah knows..

And therefore, for that reason, who needs to fight the Rothschilds (look this up!) and all the other evil systems of this world. Our best WEAPON at last is and would be; DETACHING ourselves, alienating ourselves, freeing ourselves from this temporary, trivial life..

And as always I wish myself and everyone all the luck in fighting evil, in the endless, enduring struggle to be pious.. before leaving this world. And I pray that when the end has come, we may be among those who has attained HIS blessings.. entering the next world with a soul, hopefully, that is as beautiful as Allah has expected it to be.. feeling happy that in the fleeting life that has just passed, we in fact, have taken great care of our own soul.. nurturing it with attributes of patience, takwa, iman..

The richest among us are the ones who are content with what they have, even if what they have is meager...Love and peace to all.


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