Friday, March 06, 2009


" If I cannot harness you," said the Witch to the Lion, speaking through the bars of the gate, "I can starve you. You shall have nothing to eat until you do as I wish."

- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
"The search for the Wicked Witch"

By: Diane the Hermit, Malaysia.

I'll try to give you an interesting way at looking at the banking system. Take the infamous DHSB for an example.. That entity succeeded collecting say RM100 million of depositors' money to start a bank or a fund . Applying the system practiced by the IMF or World Bank, DHSB can now loan out at least ten times that RM100 million.. meaning that DHSB now has RM1 billion ready to give away to borrowers. Imagine again DHSB collecting 10% annually on all money loaned.

That would mean in a year alone DHSB can collect RM100 million, which is equal to the amount of all the deposit in the first place. Imagine again DHSB has the absolute right over the printing of paper money and, imagine again DHSB is sought out by the government and huge corporations to borrow money from. Imagine now DHSB is so powerful and the founders so filthy rich that they can go out to finance any event or project in the entire world, as long as that event or project profits DHSB.

By now the founders learned how stupid really the entire human race is, and it begins to look like there is a possibility that DHSB can hijack a whole nation if only they can start DHSB-like banks and institutions in that particular nation. And so DH, whatever his or her name is,and the partners manage to open banks in the major European countries, and later the US.. and slowly in almost all the nations of the world.

Now DH and partner get greedier every day, and begin to work out a way to broaden their blood sucking money business. Lets see, if a country or countries can be manipulated to engage themselves in wars, (the bigger the war, the better) DH and partner can make money by financing both sides. And it seems like if the war should last until the country in the war be made to lose everything, the better it is for DH&Co. Imagine how much power DH&Co will hold when a country, after having lost everything to the unnecessary war, came to DH&Co begging to borrow money from them.. The entire population of that poor stupid country would have to work their butt their entire life paying taxes to the government, to repay their loans to DH&Co. Will DH&Co get poor ever, I mean ever?

And through out history, DH&Co will create situations and wars to make the entire human race become their slaves. That is why during the WW1, after Germany had pulled out its entire warships from all the seas and oceans,leaving the English warships waiting not knowing what will or has happened to the WW1, DH&Co (at the speed of light) went to England to avoid the English government from finding out about Germany's move and tried desperately to avoid the war from ending.

DH&Co now see a bigger possibility, a golden opportunity, that is to engage the one most powerful nation in the world to join in the war. The US which was a supporter of Germany in the first place got tricked into a war which has nothing whatsoever to do with them, suddenly switched side and is now supporting England. Oh by the way, DH&Co made England to agree to give Palestine to DH&Co if DH&Co can bring the US to support England in a war which was in effect already ending. The US didn't have the slightest clue what war they are fighting for, save for the lies DH&Co made about Hitler's intent to conquer the world, which of course was only fitna!, LIES.

It is never easy for DH&Co to keep the world from knowing their deceptions. People all over the world, even presidents of the most powerful country have tried to expose and suppress their power and evil system, but DH&Co have so far managed to hold on. Time and again it seems DH&Co will play manipulative game and countries like Mexico, Indonesia, S Korea.. can be 'owned' through a game of currency trading, for instance.

Due to the fact that DH&Co are the major players in the world oil business, it seems vital that no other source of energy be used to take place that of the oil to run the planet. And so the world must be made ignorant or blind to the fact that THE WORLD CAN ACTUALLY RUN ON FREE ENERGY!, that vehicles can run without fuel,for instance, by electrolysis of WATER to get Hydrogen and to use that Hydrogen gas for combustion to run engines.

DH&Co have the absolute power over the media, thus assisting them in the spreading of lies and suppressing of truth from the public. The world adopts not only its evil financial system, but more importantly, the people of the world are all brainwashed into thinking that the only right and best systems to follow are those that DH&Co have founded. In trying to succeed in this system, it seems necessary and inevitable that we distance ourselves from our Creator... because the simple, pure and beautiful teachings and way of life our creator professes for us to follow in order to succeed in this life, SHALL NEVER GO HAND IN HAND with those systems initiated by DH&Co.

And so through out our entire life, we struggle against a force that we cannot name, cannot put our finger on.. finding ourselves getting more and more depressed, frustrated and lost.. despite how we try to overcome it. Some among us have everything that money can buy, wealth that our peers envy, but deep down, it is very possible that there exists a profound sense of lost and unhappiness gripping its hold on the heart, making life feels dark and empty.

To my understanding, we all need A REVOLUTION, for that is the only solution, the savior of our souls, a revolution that does not involve going to the streets, that does not hunger for bloodbath- but a revolution from within ourselves. It may be hard to get used to, but the first thing to do is to NOT ONLY TO CHANGE OUR PERSPECTIVE OF LIFE, BUT TO REVERSE THAT perspective all together! Life must be looked at as a trivial and temporary passage that we must all go through. It must be understood that our Creator has, in fact, intended for us to enjoy that passage with complete happiness, calmness and peace. And how very few among us are actually privileged enough to sail through this fleeting existence in such a way?

The road to gaining that privilege is long and challenging for most of us, mainly due to the fact that we cling to this world too strongly, forgetting that there is actually a better life ahead of us, a life far more beautiful, everlasting, beautiful that is, if we have the key to make it as such. What does it mean to most GIVE UP OR SACRIFICE this life for a better one to come? Think for a moment,that there are, in fact, on this planet, a category of people who sees success in a way totally the opposite of what success is (conventionally) supposed to be, and that these people are possibly far more content and happy under any circumstance, some having very little money, some even chose to give away money when God endow them with it in abundance.. But how do they do it?

Who among us are the ones who, in fact, see DEATH as a beautiful beginning, a road to a place they have longed all their entire life to enter? If we understand and learn the way of these people practicing and living their life, perhaps we too, can feel heaven not only in the hereafter, but to feel it right here, right now...

And I wish myself all the luck.. as I would like to wish everybody else the same in our fight against evil, in our struggle to be near Him... Love and peace to all.


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